Ronald Reuel, late Knight of the Summer Court: Donald Sutherland.     Fantasy casting Jim Butcher's "Dresden Files."

Donald SUTHERLAND (b. [] Active since 1962 > Born Donald McNichol Sutherland 17 July 1935 Canada > Nationality: Canadian > Spouses: Lois Hardwick div); Francine Racette (m.

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Donald McNichol Sutherland, OC (born 17 July is a Canadian actor. And he has an awesome beard

D Sutherland - Peter Hapak

Donald McNichol Sutherland is een Canadees acteur. Geboren: 17 juli 1935 , Saint John, Canada Donald Sutherland studied at the University of Toronto and for a time at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. An actor of enormous versatility, he became known for

Donald Sutherland in Kelly's Heroes

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Happy birthday, Donald Sutherland! The 'Hunger Games' baddie…

Happy birthday, Donald Sutherland! The 'Hunger Games' baddie turns 80

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Donald McNichol Sutherland OC July - I was so in love with him when I first saw Ordinary People!

Donald Sutherland en Casanova (Federico Fellini, 1976)

Donald Sutherland wearing a candelabra headdress in Casanova. Directed by Federico Fellini,

Great film, and Donald was at his wackiest, Donald Sutherland in “Kelly's Heroes”, 1970

"I'm drinkin' wine and eatin' cheese, and catchin' some rays, you know." Donald Sutherland as Oddball in Kelly's Heroes,

Donald Sutherland - MASH; Italian Job

Donald Sutherland Cast as President Snow in 'The Hunger Games'