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Just For Fun


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paranoia game - obviously this might have to be modified a little bit to fit a camp setting...

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these are hella interesting so please! ask away

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Asking the real question

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27 Kids Who Just Wanted to be Honest and Wrote the Meanest Things

Hmmmm..... Probably "WARNING!!!! Random fangirl spasms. keep clear when holding a book."

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1. Ava Lee Kool 2. 12 3. Heights, oblivion, never being good enough4. Water, sweets, love 5. Flippy hair, hipster glasses, cute smiles 6. Smacking gum, acting dumb/being dumb, not caring 7.Evelyn 8.Straight 9.Never been on a date :3 10.5' 3 11.Being able to be myself 12.3:18 pm 13.Purple 14.Yes 15.If you look at drawings of yourself and say they're gorgeous why can't you do the same in the mirror?16.Anywhere where there's natural water 17.CHEESECAKE 18.A lot 19.Nothing 20.Their laugh/smile

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bfb6f6a6d2eb92b32b14c1f8bbfe7460.jpg 750×4,500 pixels

bfb6f6a6d2eb92b32b14c1f8bbfe7460.jpg 750×4,500 pixels

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60 questions to ask

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"If you could have any animal as a pet, what would you choose? "

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