I have never had anywhere near this amount of fun in plastic balls as this pit bull. This dog is having a good time though!

We Guarantee You'll Feel Happier After Watching This Pit Bull 'Swim' In Her Ball Pit

We could watch Safira 'swim' in her ball pit all day long. -- Visit the image link for more details on pet dogs.

Lucy would love but I'm scared she'd jump off the top.

The guy who built a deck for his dog’s house: 24 People You Desperately Wish You Could Be

Dog digging up the yard? Provide an attractive alternative.

Backyard Ideas For Dogs That Dig dog friendly ground covers grasses backyard solutions install it direct Dyi Dog Yard Sand Box Great For The Dog That Loves To Dig

Enrichment is big think for pets these days. The more puppies experience, the more socialized they will be. That is a certainty. And that is always something their future pet owners will appreciate. Definitely not a waste of time to consider some of these enrichment techniques !

We built an Avidog Adventure Box to enrich our puppies' world. Watch them as they explore new sights and sounds.

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This Bone Pool Deck Kit is constructed from sturdy Cypress wood making it both long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing wherever it's placed.

Olivebank Children's Centre

Dry stone play area at Olivebank Children's Centre in Musselburgh, Scotland by Stone Inspired.

I would love to make a smaller scale version of this in our backyard for our dogs & rescues.  :)

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