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Doe eye: notice the White eyeliner

10 Irresistible Cat Eyeliner Tutorials for Pretty Girls

Makeup to make your eyes stand out. eye, eye makeup, eyes, makeup makeup makeup for blue eyes classic cat eyes also see macs video how to Co.

The Doe Eyed Tutorial | The Violet Files | @violetgrey

The Doe Eyed Tutorial

So I am not gonna lie: liquid eye liner takes a steady hand. But I follow this road map with one difference. I do each step on each eye so I stay aware of how each eye looks. Cause no one is an Egyptian hieroglyph. You will not get away with asymmetry.

Top 10 Eyeliner Tutorials for Irresistable Cat Eyes

Doe Eye: Sandy nude eyeshadow in crease & nude pink on lid. Thicken eyeliner base across lid. Perfect upper eyeliner line to meet wing. White pencil liner on bottom. Black liquid liner on of bottom lashes. Add falsies and mascara.

The Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorial at!

Lulus How-To: The Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorial

The Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorial = Top 10 Best Eye Make-Up Tutorials of Okay now this is theee perfect smokey eye, I love it. Simple, elegant, and beautiful, and not at all shimmery. I hate those really detailed super shimmery smokey eyes

How-To: Party Perfect Eye Makeup Tutorial

Bronze is big. For daytime or evening, The Nudes Palette can create an array of natural beauty looks with its 12 taupe, brown, and golden shades. Add winged liner to lend a retro feel to modern eyeshadow.

Beautiful makeup for those with blue eyes like me! Can't wait to try this!!! #bluepeoplearecool

Eye-Popping for deep set The only thing missing from this blue eyes makeup tutorial is false lashes by Minki Lashes to make them POP even more.

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Doe-eyed look

Doe-eyed look. Think this is a basic cat eye really just makes your eyes look wider by putting eyeliner further away.

t's actually quite neutral gradient makeup look. It starts from a sparkly gold, then comes warm coral and the bronze finishes the look. Unde...

Makeup For Blue Eyes, Eyeshadow Tutorials for Light Eyed Girls

Coral makeup idea, it's actually quite neutral gradient makeup look. It starts from a sparkly gold, then comes warm coral and the bronze finishes the look.


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Best Ideas For Makeup Tutorials Picture Description Makeup Tutorials for Green Eyes -Navy & Purple Matte Smokey Shadow -Easy Eyeshadow Video and Tutorial Ideas – Natural Everyday Step by Step Beauty Tricks – Simple Looks for Night and Day.

If you've ever tried to use liquid eyeliner, then you already know how difficult it can be. Despite the fact that some celebrities, like Lauren Conrad, make it    34      13

20 Liquid Eyeliner Hacks, Tips and Tricks For The Perfect Cat-Eye (And More

Gyaru Makeup Tutorial by ~princessrindoll on deviantART

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