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Jersey WoolyJersey Wooly Rabbit Breed Senior Weight: Not over 3 ½ pounds. Type: Compact Color: Agouti, broken, AOV, self, shaded, tan Distinctive: Petite and 3 inch wool

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The Joy of Handspinning – Hand spinning wool into yarn with a spinning wheel or drop spindle » Angora

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French Angora rabbit. This may become my next pet of choice.

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My favorite Rabbit Breed of them all! ...The Jersey Wooley rabbit makes a good addition to a fiber artist's farm-animal menagerie. They are fab!

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~ French Angora Rabbit ~ looks like my bunny Baxter :)

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American Fuzzy Lop Fuzzy lops have lop-ears, thick feet pads, and thick body wool that is at least 2 inches long. They make great pets and show animals, as long as the owner has time for grooming the fuzzy lop's wool. Yes, in a fuzzy lop, the fur is called wool.

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LilacThis Lilac rabbit won Reserve in Show Senior Weight: 5 ½ - 7 ½ pounds Type: Compact Color: Lilac (‘dove gray’ with delicate pink tint on surface) Distinctive: Color National Club: National Lilac Rabbit Club of America

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Cutest bunny ever! This is a show quality Holland lop waiting in its coop for the rabbit judge to also see how cute it is...

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French angora rabbit (They have clean heads) the ones where you go - "Where Are Their Eyes" are English...

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Rexall-rabbit-breeds-rex Senior Weight: 7 ½ - 10 ½ pounds Type: Commercial Color: Amber, black, blue, broken, Californian, castor, chinchilla, chocolate, lilac, lynx, opal, otter, red, sable, seal, white Distinctive: Rex fur

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