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January 7, used to be known as Distaff Day, or in England St. Distaff's Day (there was no St. Distaff though - the name was, for them, a joke). The distaff was a tool used in the spinning of flax or wool fibers; these are first wrapped around the distaff to keep them untangled before heading for the spinning wheel. The term distaff eventually came to be used in reference to the female side of a family "the distaff side".

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St. Distaff’s Day means work and play

A Romanian woman spinning yarn with a distaff.

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Handspinning has completely taken over my spare time lately. I work full time and commute for a total of three hours every day, so I need to...

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Celebrate spinning this Rock Day ||| Spinning Daily

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St. Gertrude the Great

St. Gertrude the Great More

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Spinning in the days of old.

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Queen Victoria at the spinning wheel

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Spinning blessing

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Helen Keller, full-length portrait standing on lawn holding reins to a horse , c 1907 . Via Library of Congress

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