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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and wife Coretta Scott King sing hymns at the piano, with first-born daughter Yolanda looking on, in a family moment. /Moneta Sleet Jr./Ebony Collection


Did You Know... America's oldest silver dollar is one the world's most expensive coin today, selling for a world Record price of $10,016,875 in January 2013. It is said that our dollar sign comes from the reverse of the Spanish “Pillar Dollar, where the “Pillars of Hercules” are displayed wrapped with ribbons… and it’s the right-hand pillar and ribbon resembles our dollar sign today.


concorso moneta | Architetti associati Migliore + Servetto Milano – exhibition, interior design, grafica e architettura


New Norwegian money. Maybe I'd be better at keeping money if it was this pretty.


Gold stater of Eucratides I (171-145 BCE) one of the most important Greco-Bactrian kings, descendants of dignitaries of Alexander the Great. He ruled and fought in the area between modern Northern Afghanistan and Eastern Pakistan. Moreover, Eucratides is depicted in the largest gold coin ever minted in antiquity, on display at the Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris.


Superb Coin From The Birthplace Of AsclepiusThis silver drachm, struck circa 250-245 BC, is from the ancient city of Epidaurus (map) in Argolis, Greece. It displays the laureate head of Apollo Maleatas on the obverse. The reverse shows Asclepius (Asklepios) seated on a stool, holding a long scepter in his left hand and extending his right over the head of a serpent that coils before him. A hound is seated underneath his stool. This coin is probably the finest Epidaurus drachm known. The…