Disney Princess and other characters - A person who got this sleeve tattoo must’ve loved the Disney fairytale princesses.

This is amazing. Too bad I will probably never get a tattoo let alone a sleeve. The art is alright but I'd probably do a strictly disney princess sleeve or something

Mulan tattoo by Snowflake at The Beauty Mark, Waterbury, CT

Mulan by Snowflake at The Beauty Mark, Waterbury, CT


Disney Princess Sleeve Tattoo

Finally finished my princess sleeve on Justin last night! I'm so stoked on it, we are doing a villains sleeve next

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stardust-to-dust: “After two and a half years, my Disney princess sleeve is finally finished! A dozen or so sessions, hours, lots of pain and blood, and worth every minute of it.

Disney sleeves

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Once Upon A Time… The start to my Disney sleeve. #Pnut #CasperWY

tattoo disney right sleeve, very bottom. starting at the wrist. without tinker bell. and add a "cloud" going up over it circling the other pieces of the tattoo to make it look like a "dream bubble" from the castle