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Top 5 Apps to use in your Direct Sales Business

Are you looking to streamline your Direct Sales business? Check out these top 5 apps to use in your Direct Sales business!

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5 Things I Wish I Had Known When I Started in Direct Sales

Wonder what to post in your direct sales Facebook groups? Click to read the ultimate list of Facebook group engagement post ideas! 101 ideas! via @owlandforever

101 Facebook Group Engagement Post Ideas for Direct Sellers

Have a direct sales Facebook Group? Click to read the ultimate guide on the best ways to set up and manage a successful Facebook VIP Group! via @Kristy E. | Direct Sales Blogger

Ultimate Guide for a Direct Sellers Facebook VIP Group

52 Tasks for Direct Sales Success in the New Year

The New Year is time for resolutions and action. What better time to lay out goals and activities for your direct sales business than right now? Here are 52 tasks for home party plan success this next year.

Are you tired of scrimping by in your direct sales business? Here's how you can take to to the next level by hosting $1,000 parties!

How to Host $1,000 Parties Every Month

Are you struggling with your direct sales business? Are sales slow or non-existent? Here are four direct sales hostess coaching techniques that can pay off big time!

40 places to Advertise & Market your direct selling business to grow your business.

40 Places to Leave Your Business Card or Catalog

40 Places to leave your business cards or catalogs This WORKS! Leave cards inside magazines at the Doctors office.

Knowing what you’re up against is half the battle! I’ve heard almost all of these slogans and they are traps! Love this post!

Top Phrases That Get People to Buy

They beckon to you. "Come shop now. Fantastic, can't miss, treasures are waiting for you." The slick print, television, and online ads with well-tested sales phrases are designed to get you buying.

Tax Deductions

What Expenses Can I Write Off If I Am Self-Employed?

Tax Deductions: Good list of ideas! Fixing up my office and using paint on my deduction list! Nice graphic without a web connection so put my link to the page on writing a marketing plan to protect you in an audit.

For everyone in or considering joining a direct sales company... learn from my mistakes!

Why I Failed at Direct Sales

We all know someone who wants us to join the latest direct sales company. Read about these common pitfalls and be prepared for how the game is played.

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Organize Your Direct Sales Week

How To Use SnapChat For Your Direct Sales Business

How To Use SnapChat For Your Direct Sales Business

With more than 100 million active users and 400 million “snaps” per day, Snap Chat is one of the fastest …

Wondering what hashtags to use for your direct sales business? I list the best…

Hashtags to Use for your Direct Sales Business

Wondering what hashtags to use for your direct sales business? I list the best… You need for support launching your network marketing venture?

Check out how to have a successful Direct Sales Launch Party.

How to have a Successful Direct Sales Launch Party

Are you wondering how to have a successful Direct Sales launch party? Check out these fab tips, and get your hands on a free printable, too!