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In 1969 the Zale Corporation of Dallas purchased in Antwerp a fine blue-white gem weighing 434.6 carats, the source of which was simply stated as West Africa.

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This looks like charcoal, but is actually an uncut black diamond from Sierra Leone. Gem-quality black diamonds are rare; they are mainly used in industry because of their ability to cut the hardest materials.

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En 1999, Sierra Leona vive una terrible guerra civil. Un contrabandista (DiCaprio) especializado en la venta de piedras preciosas, cuyos beneficios sirven para financiar tanto a los rebeldes como al gobierno, conoce a un pescador nativo (Djimon Hounsou) que enterró un enorme diamante cuando trabajaba como esclavo para los rebeldes.

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A rare and extremely fine example of Diamond in matrix from Sierra Leone. Crystal Classics Minerals

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The STAR of SIERRA LEONE 968.80 carats. is the third largest diamond ever found, and the largest alluvial diamond ever found. The diamond was originally cut into a 143 carat stone, but because of an internal flaw, that stone was recut into 17 smaller stones, 14 of which are flawless.

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This is a "rare brazilian ballas" according to the diamond trade - this is a fascinating spherical diamond with no crystal form and a smooth surface like a pearl. It is entirely translucent. Ballas are almost impossible to cut because even other diamonds have serious trouble cutting them. (3.75 carats)

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Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone: River number 2 beach

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30 Walk-in Closets You Won't Mind Living In

For most women, a dreamy walk-in closet is a must-have feature for any dream house. Who can’t resist a space that is filled with your favorite designer dresses, Chanel handbags, jewelry and decorated with fresh flowers? Earlier, we published our favorite closet posts (dreamy walk-in closets and the biggest closet in the world). Since then, we discovered

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