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The Sigillum Dei (seal of God, or signum dei vivi, symbol of the living God, called by John Dee the Sigillum Dei Aemaeth) was a late Middle Ages magical diagram, composed of two circles, a pentagram, and three heptagons, and is labeled with the name of God and his angels. It was an amulet (amuletum) with the magical function that, according to one of the oldest sources (Liber iuratus), allowed the initiated magician to have power over all creatures except Archangels. (wtflol?)

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Ocean love // sea // salt life // beach

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.:. Archaeological Museum of Ancient Corinth: Archaistic base with a depiction of Demeter (Zeus Cthonios and Persephone are depicted on the other sides). “Archaistic” is used as a term for works of art that imitate the archaic style at a later period in order to give venerability to the work of art. Roman period (1st century A.D)

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A colour version of the Dee “Sigillum Dei” (”Seal of the Living God”).

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Clarice Orsini, wife of Lorenzo il Magnifico (Benozzo Gozzoli)

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Pride of Our Ancestry (gouache on paper 20"x13") - Maxine Noel (Santee Oglala Sioux)

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