You probably could take those old Christmas cards you receive and put them on blown out eggs then add some accessories like ribbons and faux snow, crystals, etc., and make ornaments for Christmas

Oversize Botanical Decoupage Easter Eggs

Oversize Botanical Decoupage Easter Eggs from Martha Stewart. We can do this with our cardboard eggs for vegan Easter.

Ещё один вариант украсить яйца к Пасхе   #diy #easter

Ещё один вариант украсить яйца к Пасхе #diy #easter

Decoupage på kreamikk egg  Laget av Berit Tjøsvoll

Décoration vintage pour les œufs de Pâques- idées faciles

≗ Feathered Nest of Hope ≗ bird feather & nest art jewelry & decor - Decoupage eggs

poussins déco en pommes de pin                                                                                                                                                     Plus

Activité manuelle pour Pâques en 46 idées DIY

uova-pasqua-fiori-trasparenze-pompea-taglientefoto 10

uova-pasqua-fiori-trasparenze-pompea-taglientefoto 10

Floral Eggs

Floral Eggs - could use patterned tissue paper or single ply napkin decoupage

Stylish Easter Eggs. I love this idea and have all the stuff.

Wonderful DIY eggshell embroideries

tutorial for making a decorative egg - egg shell, dimensional paint, roses on top, distressed finish. i wish i had seen this while my grandmother was still alive.