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Video bridge per la ricezione dei canali televisivi attraverso la connessione internet. Un terminale riceve via cavo il segnale dal gateway connesso alla rete e lo trasmette wireless ad un altro terminale, il quale lo comunica al televisore attraverso un decoder. L’apparecchio, prodotto da Digicom, è stato commercializzato anche a marchio ADB Global e BT Italia.

Nuova offerta in #elettronica : 1byone Antenna per TV Digitale / Decoder Ultrasottile 05 mm Ricezione ottimale entro 40 km include 3 metri Cavo Coassiale High Performance non richiede alimentazione elettrica a soli 11.99 EUR. Affrettati! hai tempo solo fino a 2016-12-04 23:29:00

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Ge 3-outlet Travel Surge Protector With 2 Usb Ports

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Renter-Friendly Ways to Hide Cable Boxes + Home Tech

Buh-Bye Cable Box: They used a piece of pliable radiator cover to make a 'book' that hides the cable box yet allows the remote signal to get through to the box.


If you have a mount for your TV, fasten all of the electronics with the unsightly wires to it. (If you need to, build a small lightweight frame to attach to your mount.) Bundle up the wires as much as possible before fastening them to the mount so they don't get tangled once they're up there. Use bungee cords to secure heavier hardware like a cable box or router. Plug everything into a power strip so you only have to worry about one wire running from your TV to the wall.


Ah, another bedroom post. I apologize. One of these days it'll be done and life can resume normalcy;) In the meantime, let's chat about the ugly eyesore that was sitting on my dresser, shall we? I ...