Amigurumi White Bird (wing pattern) free crochet pattern here

Finished Project: Fat Birdie!

Crochet Amazing Bird Amigurumi Free Pattern

Amazing Crochet Bird Amigurumi Free Patterns

Simple Crochet and Crafts: Sweet Little Bird (Crochet Pattern)

DIY Crochet Bird: Party ideas for little girl’s birthday party & DIY craft projects

Рукоделие -крючком поделки

Рукоделие -крючком поделки

from a russian site. wonder if I can find the original for this pattern. (maybe could reverse engineer with patience and time--but why re-invent the wheel if I don't have to?

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Beautiful Crochet Patterns

Includes a tutorial Part 1 :: the Flat Circle. This is how you make the main body of the Birdie. Part 2 :: the Birdie Decoration. This is how you make all the other bits needed for this cute little crochet bird.

Snowy Crows Amigurumi [Free Crochet Pattern] Curious Crows, Crochet Bird

Snowy Crows Amigurumi [Free Crochet Pattern] Curious Crows, Crochet Bird

Ravelry: AGAPORNI AMIGURUMI pattern by Canal Crochet (Yolanda)

CANAL CROCHET: Agaporni o inseparable amigurumi tutorial - Free Lovebird crochet pattern in Spanish with English and French abbreviation translations.

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