secret floor door... safe room... extra storage... access to under the house.

$14 Secret Crawlspace Access Door

This is a hidden crawlspace access door that I built into my bedroom closet floor. It allows my crawlspace to now serve as a storm shelter, a safe room(a place for.

What is the best type of insulation to put into our crawlspace to keep the floor warm in the winter? - Green Home Guide by USGBC

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Attic crawl space.

Many times the attic room is overlooked when you run out of room in your home and need more storage space. Creating well-planned attic storage will help you reduce clutter. The attic storage space depends on a home's style and when it was built.

How to insulate your crawl space and keep warm this winter!

Insulating Crawl Space

how to turn a crawl space into short basement

As we continue to pack away the living room and kitchen and haul things to the basement, we’re reminded of how lucky we are to have our short basement. Two years ago we conve…

TerraBlock™ crawl space floor insulation

Alber Service Company can upgrade your crawl space insulation in Cherry Hill, Marlton, Mount Laurel and the surrounding cities and towns.

A low-ceiling crawl space transformed into a secret hideaway in a kid's room

8 Amazing Hideaway Spaces For Kids

Crawl space hiding spot in kids' room. We at Architects have done this type of finished play space a number of times. Kids love a space that's their own.

Learn what crawl space solutions can help you turn the square footage immediately below your home into a safe haven for belongings you want to keep but don't frequently need access to.

Crawl Space Solutions

Crawl space- leaves just enough room to crawl under the structure to reach electrical wiring and parts of the plumbing and heating system.

How Much Does Crawl Space Encapsulation Cost? -

How Much Does Crawl Space Encapsulation Cost? -

Crawl space: a limited area of space under floor or in roof. Used for electrical, plumbing or storage.

There's a good chance that your crawl space is like most others: dirty, musty, damp and gross. There are systems designed to line crawl spaces and keep the e.