Wherever you are, and wherever life takes you, a cowgirl is always a cowgirl. | Cowgirl Sisterhood

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Cowgirls Don’t Cry

Horse Quotes and Cowgirl Quotes. with some Cowboy Quotes too — Colorado Dude Ranch Vacations

"The difference between a cowgirl and angel is angels cant ride as could as cowgirls!!!"

The only difference between cowgirls and angels is that angels can't ride as well

This is true!! #cowgirl #strong

A cowgirl and her horse. loves the rodeo lifestyle and those that keep this American tradition alive! No greater bond than that between me and my horse!

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The best way to avoid housework is to live outside. Pretty much my life story growing up. My tack room was always cleaner than my room!

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Oh this is so true! And all the other girls wanted to play with baby dolls and barbies while I was out in the mud and playing with horses! I love my horses a lot!