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The colossal bronze pine cone from 1st or 2nd century by Publius Cincius Salvius (name on base) It served as a fountain, water gushing from holes in the scales of the cone. Possibly towards the end of the 8th century it was moved to the entrance hall of the medieval St. Peter's, in the center of the fountain covered by and ornate baldachin, identified in Renaissance drawings. In 1608, during the construction of the present basilica, the giant pine cone fountain was moved to this location.

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The Roman Forum.

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A Meta Sudans En fronte do arco de Constantino poden verse as ruinas dunha monumental fonte. Construida polos Flavios no espacio antes pertencente ó palacio de Nerón, recibe o seu nome porque unha meta do circo era a encargada de botar a auga da fonte, que esvaraba polos seus lados coma se sudase. En 1936 o caudillo fascista Benito Mussolini decidiu destruir todos os edificios antigos que non consideraba moi importantes para abrir a Via Dei Trionfi, e levou por diante a Meta Sudans e a base…

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The Mausoleum of Augustus. The mausoleum was one of the first projects initiated by Augustus in the City of Rome following his victory at the Battle of Actium in 31 BC. The mausoleum was circular in plan, consisting of several concentric rings of earth and brick, planted with cypresses on top of the building and capped (possibly, as reconstructions are unsure at best) by a conical roof and a statue of Augustus. Vaults held up the roof and opened up the burial spaces below.

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Venice, Italy (the gods came here to die, of that I am certain; Venice has a magic all its own that's indescribable)

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Ancient Rome

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Venice Italy - YES, it truly IS that beautiful!

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Venice Italy architecture is acitizen arts of love uniqueness

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Trevi fountain, Rome, Italy - photography, travel

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