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But some people love to make coparenting impossible. Taking no responsibility for their actions excusing themselves blaming others.

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It's a real thing that real adults do to raise healthy children. Stop alienating with your ridiculous false expectations of what it should be. The kiddos deserve BOTH a mom and a DAD! how divorce affects kids, divorce and kids

I am so thankful I can co-parent with my ex husband. We have a tremendous amount of respect for each other.it is so helpful in raising out kids

How to answer your children when they ask if you are upset with their other parent. Parental Alienation Tips.Tap the link to check out great fidgets and sensory toys. Happy Hands make Happy People!

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10 Ways To Make Co-Parenting Less Stressful

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Co-parenting coach, Cassie Ragsdell, helping divorced and blended families with healthy co-parenting principles such as effective communication and unity.