Vitamina B17, la vitamina anticancro vietata in America... Clicca per saperne di più!

An electron microscope catches the immune system blooming into action. A white blood cell (red) wraps itself around a mycobacterium tuberculosis, the causative agent of most cases of tuberculosis. Phagocyte, as a white blood cell is known as, comes from the Greek word phagein (to eat), and that's what the cell does, rendering the infectious cell benign.

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Immune system fighting a cancer cell. A killer T-lymphocyte (orange) inducing a cancer cell to undergo Programmed Cell Death.

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Sperm and human egg

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Glóbulos blancos, plaquetas (teñidas de violeta), un linfocito T (teñido de verde) y monocitos (teñidos de dorado) vistos a través de un microscopio electrónico.

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A human embryo in the 8 cell stage.

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Comparación del tamaño de un glóbulo rojo, uno blanco y una plaqueta al microscopio SEM con 2500 aumentos

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Blood Clot

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Cruising Crocs Photo by Amy Shire — National Geographic Your Shot

great inspiration for a crocheted hat...but it's actually the fruiting body of bread mould - photo credit: microfield scientific ltd, via

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