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Vitamina B17, la vitamina anticancro vietata in America... Clicca per saperne di più!

Chauvet Hurricane 700 Fog Machine

These spooktacular treats are simple to make, and tons of fun to eat! There are no tricks involved, either—just a handful of pantry ingredients and some black decorating gel. Make sure to line the baking pan with foil for easier cutting and quick cleanup.

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An electron microscope catches the immune system blooming into action. A white blood cell (red) wraps itself around a mycobacterium tuberculosis, the causative agent of most cases of tuberculosis. Phagocyte, as a white blood cell is known as, comes from the Greek word phagein (to eat), and that's what the cell does, rendering the infectious cell benign.

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This is an actual picture of White Blood Cells, in with some red blood cells. The platelets are stained purple, a T-Lymphocyte white cell is stained green, and a Monocyte white cell is stained gold as seen through a scanning electron microscope.

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A human embryo in the 8 cell stage.

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Comparación del tamaño de un glóbulo rojo, uno blanco y una plaqueta al microscopio SEM con 2500 aumentos

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Immune system fighting a cancer cell. A killer T-lymphocyte (orange) inducing a cancer cell to undergo Programmed Cell Death.

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Bread Mold Sporangium. Even in the smallest of things God shows His artistic side.

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Blood Clot

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