How to Build a Tumbling Composter via

Build a Tumbling Composter

DIY Tumbling Composter in 11 Steps - my brother did this years ago for my parents, now I just need a house!

Low Cost DIY Compost Barrel - This made me chuckle. ...And kids would probably enjoy doing all the rolling.

DIY Compost Tumbler

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10 Ways to DIY Compost Bins

Spinning barrel compost, an idea I might want to consider. They look much better than the compost holder things.

Fact Sheet: Organic Pest Spray for the Garden

Burkes Backyard Compost Barrel / Bin / Tumbler - Recycled olive barrel with large screw lid – Available from some produce stores or try Drum.

Using a compost barrel tumbler, another way to compost - this one has no odors and composts fast! Found at

Using a Compost Barrel Tumbler

Using a compost barrel tumbler helps you compost fast (and critter free). What to look for and a few other methods if you find a barrel isn't for you.

Homemade compost tumbler | Sithrah Farm

Great idea to use casters to turn composting barrel. Making Ralph's barrel jumps into composting barrels, even better!

How to Make Active Compost Microbes | eHow

How to Make Active Compost Microbes

Potting soil provides plants the necessary nutrients, structure and moisture retention for proper growth. Age and improper storage degrade potting soil. The useful life of potting soil depends on .

How to make a compost tumbler

17 Different Composters and Compost Tumblers You Can Build Yourself - Gardening Channel

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Compost Bin

I've seen a few compost bin designs online and took a little from each one and came up with this. you can take yard clipping ,leaves and kitchen scraps.