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6 Benefits of Cuddling With Your Spouse

I miss you my love. I wish I could feel your touch and hear your voice.

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Al Jazeera Launches Twitter & Meetup Campaigns To Bring Broadcast To U.S.

WANTED: Cuddle Buddy - Long Hours and flexibility a must. I should post this around and see if anyone replies...

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Cuddling literally kills depression, relives anxiety and strengthens the immune system

oh so that's why I've been sick lately...

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FILL THIS OUT. I need a cuddle buddy

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Just friends/cuddle buddies/friends with benefits is okay. Just keep it real up front.

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Which sign is your best cuddle buddy?

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zodiacspot: Which sign is your best cuddle buddy? Find out here

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Complimentary image of FINGER MONKEYS!!!! Take THAT 2016!!!!

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thethreewinchesterboys: Dean and Cas apply to be your cuddle buddies! They did this while Sam was sleeping. There are some things you just don’t tell your little brother, even if said brother is 30. It never changes. Never mind Dean’s apparent frustration. It’s all bravado. He really does want to cuddle. Also even Cas’ writing has space issues.

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Furry cuddle buddies

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