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My grandad had this memorized and made us look for specific colored twist ties when we shopped with him. It drove us crazy at the time, but he always had fresh bread. I sure do miss that man.

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The color of the tabs on bread tells you when the bread was baked - 1000 Life Hacks

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Life hacks 5

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52 Life Hacks That Will Change Your World

How fresh is that bread? Most major bread companies use this code. Per Snoops - (Some of these tags actually do have such dates printed on them, and in those cases the date does represent the date the bread is to be REMOVED the store, not the date it was baked on.)...

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Did You Know...

I had no idea that was the reasoning behind the different colored bread tabs!

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Photo (1000 Life Hacks)

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Random facts 4 - Never knew that about the bread

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What the color tags on loaf bread means -

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Plastic bread bag thingies - if you have the collecting gene, anything has potential

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For a easy boredom buster, gather together: 1 clothespin (per car) 4 buttons, of the same size 1 drinking straw 2 bread ties colored tap...

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