Colori in polvere della color run (maratona)

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I shared our colorful color fight party and now I want to show you how to make the DIY color powder for the color fight!  This DIY version will save you l

DIY Color Powder {for a Color Fight}

Cutie Booty Cakes: DIY Color Run Powder
Heard of a color run? Make it fun for your kids by creating DIY color run powder and having a color war in the backyard! Find awesome summer dessert recipes, craft ideas and more at
Throw a color fight party or host a color run with this easy DIY color powder recipe that uses cornstarch and coloring!

DIY Color Powder {for a Color Fight}

DIY Color Run Powder...really easy recipe!

Throw your own color fight

how to make color run powder
how to make your own "color" powder for a color run/ fun night... (gotta look up how to make it permanent on shirts)
FAST DIY Color Powder Recipe for neighborhood color runs and color wars!

DIY Colored Powder FAST

Who needs a color run - make your own homemade color run powder with this  DIY Color Powder Tutorial on Dukes and Duchesses. More Kids Craft Ideas for Summer on Frugal Coupon Living.

DIY Summer Fun Ideas for Kids

Fun Runs have always been a great way to raise money for charitable organizations, schools, churches and more. Add a splash of color and host a color run

How To Host A Color Fun Run With Color Powder