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22 Unbelievable Facts About Your Eyes

Dont you thing the second to last looks like the eye of sauron. also, predators with slit eyes are primarily ambush hunters.

California Red-Sided Garter Snake | 22 Colorful Animals Who Look Too Beautiful To Be Real

Neon Blue Garter Snake: A California Red-sided Garter Snake with a colour mutation that gives it neon blue stripes.

What Animal Will You Be Reincarnated As?                                                                                                                                                                                 More

What Animal Will You Be Reincarnated As?

This rainbow-colored lizard is ready to hit the dance floor and WERK. Happy Pride from The Dodo, to animals big and small!

••• | @raegencallihan

Cute Kittens Posing as Sexy Pin-up Girls

Very poisonous but very beautiful African Bush Viper - Not normally a snake person, but he is lovely (not sure the colors are true) but what a cool dragon this would make! Description from I searched for this on

texasuberalles: ““ The beautiful, extremely poisonous African Bush Viper. ” “Bush Viper” my butt, that thing is clearly a Salamander looking for a new inferno to live in.

Zebra-Kunst Aquarell-Malerei Kunstdruck von OlechkaDesign auf Etsy

Zebra Art Watercolor Painting, Art Print, Rainbow Zebra, Ode to Fruit Stripes; Home Decor

Zebra Watercolor Rainbow Painting Giclée Print, Zebra Art, Zebra Painting, Ode to Fruit Stripes;

☀Rufous-Backed Kingfisher (Ceyx rufidorsa) @ Panti Forest by Chong Lip Mun

☀Rufous-Backed Kingfisher (Ceyx rufidorsa) @ Panti Forest by Chong Lip Mun - What a beautiful bird!

Blue faced mandrill. I love them. :-)

Azumeh the mandrill. Happy or sad, he's got just the manipulatable mug for the job - but it's definitely his angry face that gets him the most attention. Just one command from his trainer and there you go, one angry-looking mandrill.


What Is Your Life Motto?

Velvet Purple Coronet Hummingbird - West Andean slopes of W Colombia and NW Ecuador.

Dusky Leaf Monkey and young. #animals #monkey

Dusky Leaf Monkey & Young Brillangoer (Trachypithecus)obscurus) Burgers' Zoo, Arnhem, The Netherlands Conservation status: Near threatened

Amazing India Animals....the colors are a big WOW

Amazing India Animals, wow is this real cause i want a bunch of them they look so colorful it represents me im so CREATIVE and LOVE art!

Jellyen by: Henry Jager

"Jelly in a galactic flight through the ocean. (Pelagia noctiluca), Picture taken at Minorca, Balearic island in Spain," writes photographer Henry Jager.