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Fleur-de-lis designs - shield shapes family crests , Shield shapes for coats of arms -- variations shields: there is some debate as to the…

Typical components making up a Coat of Arms

Idea for business logo or personal coat of arms! Diagram of Coat of Arms Components

Kids can make their own coat of arms! Print a simple template and fill it with fun symbols.

Make Your Own Coat Of Arms

Today Crafty Carol shows how to make a fun and easy superhero craft just in time for Easter.

Coat of Arms-could be one of the art projects. The boys can fill in what is important to them.

Coat of Arms-could be one of the art projects. The children can fill in what is…

This is a visual guide to deciphering and understanding your family's coat of arms. It breaks down the elements and explains the variations and differ

Thought for Tuesday: Who doesn't need their own Coat of Arms? Beginner's Guide to Understanding a Coat of Arms Infographic

Family Crest Royal Monogram Coat of Arms by withwildabandon, $5.50

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