Here I Speak: How To: Life-Size Clue

How to Create a Life-size Clue Game for a Youth Group I lead a small youth group in suburban Episcopal church. Since capture the flag, .

Youth Ministry Game: Life-Size Clue

Youth Ministry Game: Life-Size Clue

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How to Host a CLUE / Cluedo Mystery party game with free game printables! This would be a great free Hen Party activity.

How to Host a Live Clue Game

How to Host a Live Clue Game

Recycled Clue Game Mini Album DIY - Can be done with other board games as well

punk projects: Recycled Clue Game Mini Album DIY - great idea to use old board games

Terrific "spy" themed party, including code-breaking games

Clue spelled out “Dock, Dock, Goose” to send them down to the dock. This was a simple graph/substitution code.

Birthday Clue Game. I saw someone that made a clue game for their best friend that showed where they were going to eat lunch, what they would wear, and another fun activity they would do

Crafty Engineering: Board Game Theme Party: Goodie Bags and Birthday Clue

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Invented by Anthony Ernest Pratt in the "Clue" board game can be played by adults and children alike. Playing live-action "Clue" is another twist on the game. However, hosting a .

Handy, for when you need to play Clue and are out of the scorecards. Or if you have big handwriting or need to take LOTS of notes.

Could play live action clue. (This reminded me of live action clue so I went with it)