Make a super-cute set of Native American and Pilgrim clothespin dolls using these patterns and tutorials from handcrafted lifestyle expert Lia Griffith.

DIY Clothespin Dolls Thanksgiving Craft

easy easy easy! water based markers, sealed with mod podge + glued fabric dresses.

Clothes pin dolls made with water based markers, sealed with mod podge + glued fabric dresses.

Make a vintage clothes pin doll from Non-Dairy Diary;

Clothespin dolls tutorial "idea for clothes peg dolls - could make in many styles & characters. Couls make kits for children to make up"

Hello! I’m writing today from my sofa, tucked up with a cat and an endless stream of christmas themed programmes on the box, I have a cold but am hoping it’s going to leave soon. After a week of sold laughter with my mum and sisters in frosty Ireland, I returned to a DIY blitz Continue Reading

halinkas fairies - can use the techniques I learned from Salley Mavor and give these a Regency twist.

Simple arms made from pipe cleaners for a clothes pin doll. or quick and easy clothespin dolls, especially those made by children, or those with costumes that cover the arms, pipe cleaners make easy arms. Use a length of pipe cleaner suitable for the size of your doll.

Tutorial for Peg People and Clothespin Dolls

Tutorial for Peg People and Clothespin Dolls: Make Simple Arms From Chenille Pipe Cleaners

PBPGINFWMY Are there days when you would like to wear a tag like this around your neck? It stands for ” Please be patient, God is not finished with me yet!” Or maybe tag it on the people aroun…

ballerina clothespin doll  need pin, stand, large bead and small bead for head and hair, ribbon to wrap body and thin stuff for the ballet shoes,, her arms were pipe cleaners wrapped in floss , yarn could also be used.  paint for details and scraps of tulle for the tutu

Ballerina Clothespin Doll I have tons of these pins and stands was going to make crochet angel dolls but pattern seems to have flown away?