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Each Zodiac sign has different needs for essential oil; find out yours with this guide! | GaiamTV:

Zodiac Essential Oils to Enhance Your Sign

Each Zodiac sign has different needs for essential oil; find out yours with this guide! | GaiamTV:


15 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Italy

Milan Cathedral, floor near main entrance is a sundial, engraved with zodiac symbols, installed 1768, by astronomers from Accademia di Brera; placed so that it is struck by a ray of sunlight breaking through a hole in the opposite wall. On the summer solstice, the ray strikes tongue of bronze set in floor; on winter solstice, ray of light stretches out to reach meridian. Meridian of the Duomo, astronomical reference until 1884, when it was replaced by Greenwich.


“Entendo por ‘céu’ a ciência e por ‘céus’ as ciências”: as sete Artes Liberais no Convivio (c. 1304-1307) de Dante Alighieri

Schema con i simboli zodiacali (c. 1335-1350, Avignone, Francia) di Opicinus di Canistris (1296-c. 1354). Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Città del Vaticano


Medieval Astronomical on the Old Town Hall of Prague, 1410. The third oldest of these clocks and the only one still working. The movable circle inside the outer black hour ring is marked with the signs of the zodiac which indicates the location of the Sun on the ecliptic; the starburst shows the position of the vernal equinox. The moon's movement, sidereal time and changing time of sunset are also depicted (closeup, 2nd of 3 pins).


Reddish marble carved votive relief of Selene: a female bust to the front in an arched niche, nose now missing, surrounded by a crescent on her head, seven stars in the field around and the signs of the zodiac in low relief; inscribed beneath with an unitelligible Gnostic formula Excavated/Findspot Argos 2ndC-3rdC British Museum All the beings of our world are, in the eyes of the Gnostics, the sediment of a lost heaven. — Jacques Lacarriere


Matryoshka Spirited Away Lin


I Segni zodiacali dello "Hunterian psalter" - Manoscritto miniato del XII secolo prodotto in Inghilterra nel 1170. L'opera è conosciuta anche come il "Salterio di York", per la presunta origine nella città di York ed è considerata un fulgido esempio dell'arte romanica. Acquisita nel 1807 dalla Biblioteca dell'Università di Glasgow, è appartenuta a un collezionista scozzese del XVIII° secolo, William Hunter, che volle la sua collezione per l'Università.


art spirited away haku studio ghibli Lin Chihiro Ogino Yubaba


Vintage Travel Poster. Castellamare di Stabia, Italy. The Queen of Water.


Dusk, San Francisco, California