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go veg :) #vegan More

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love all animals #vegan More

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I'm not vegan yet, but I am vegetarian (have been for almost four years) and I plan to one day become a full vegan. This quote is perfect.

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SunshineandLoveFarms on

The only reason meat has some healthy benefits (keep in mind it has LOTS of unhealthy stuff too) is because they ate plants

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~ courtesy Grace Hopper #vegan More

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How to Adopt A Plant-Based Diet and Succeed

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We all want more peace & less violence in this world. Let's be the change by simply changing our choices ✌️❤️ #govegan

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If you wouldn't eat a dog, then this should make perfect sense.

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VEGANISM: A TRUTH WHOSE TIME HAS COME: 45 Vegan Advocacy Posters - Part 2

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prince quotes vegan - Google Search

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"we can do it. go vegan" Omg I love this one.. Must save pic for this one..

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Vegan quote More

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Some people don't understand why I'm vegan. I don't understand why they wonder.

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PETER Dinklage Vegan quote - Google Search

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~ courtesy Colleen Patrick-Goudreau #vegan

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This beautiful quote by @vegansofaus makes my soul shine ✨❤️ #vegan

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how you feel going #vegan

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Whether you are vegetarian or just cutting back on meat, mushrooms serve as a hearty substitute for beef in this delicious Stroganoff recipe.

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You are making a difference. Via @the_vegan_collective

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People always ask me if I'm starving myself. I guess they don't know me well enough to know I love food.

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People eat meat and they think they will become strong as an ox, forgetting that the ox eats grass. #food #food quote #inspirationalquote

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