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Drama Queens. The funny thing is that they started the whole problem to begin with, yet later they cannot deal with the consequences... they didn't think that I would stand up for what is right and fair. Oh, the irony!

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Funny Quotes About Drama Queens | Drama Queen

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Inspirational & Motivational Quotes

Some people create their own storms... (and I can't hand her an umbrella without her hitting me with it.)

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It sucks I constantly have to change my name on Pinterest to prevent you from tracking me down, psycho. Leave me alone!

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People need to stop believing shit that others say about me! I will fuck you up! Say it to my face and it dont hurt to ask before asuming! If you think its true then you DONT know me! So Fuck OFF!!! >:|

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My prediction: The Drama Queen will make a fool of herself again, then post a ton of self pity attention seeking quotes and try to blame you for the mess she is in. Honey, time to let go.

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If everywhere you go there's a problem, Guess what! -.vintage retro funny quotes

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Top Ten Quotes Of The Day

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Feel sorry for an unhappy person who hates her life so much. It must suck to be a miserable cow every day!!

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