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They be like "Oh, she's stuck up" or "I don't like her attitude," like bitch, bye! You don't know me, you just a hater, haha.

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Sometimes it's for the best. When the actions don't line up with what they tell you, then you gotta put your wall up!!

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I remember who stuck by my side and my families side. These people and the behaviors they choose to exhibit can never be erased nor made up for. the damage they created will never be forgotten.

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Please don't smile at me if it's with the back of ur teeth while doing the stuck-up sarcastic eye-brow-raise...It's so unattractive ...we are called to be humble...Confidence is different than arrogance...I can't stand arrogant people...what a turn off...Be humble..Oh, by the way, ur fake smile and smirks give u away...a genuine smile from the soul from a GOOD person is always BEAUTIFUL and recognized by a kindred soul...Its the only beautiful kind of smile....-Mari Marxuach Parrilla

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I cry every day.. I just need a miracle so I can get there close to others that are going through well I am going through I feel like it's not worth it sometimes I want to give up so bad I'm stuck I I have my kids I can't leave them

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....which is sometimes stuck in the immature and uneducated mindset

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If a girl doesn't accept your complement, she's not being rude. It means she doesn't get them often and doesn't know how to react.

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Ed Sheeran / Castle on the hill / Lyrics / Divide

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You don't have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great. - Les Brown(

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when people talk to you like they're better than you

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