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Ciondolini "Cuoricini" realizzati con perline Miyuki delica, by Sisters Art, in vendita su

Ad Argillà i pezzi più grandi del mondo stampati in 3D in argilla

Maggie's "Missing Link" design gives polymer fans a revolutionary and easy way to make an assemble a chain.


One of the Saxon glass beads (AD410-1066) recovered from Cliffs End in Kent


"Cairn Rock Totem in Red and Gray" created by Melanie Guernsey-Leppla Capturing a balanced moment in time, these Cairns, Born of fire and glass represent accomplishments, knowledge and experience gained, difficulties overcome and guidance for pathways yet to be traveled. Each unique composition of free blown and solid glass stone forms is individually shaped by the artist, fused together in the flame and finally etched to create the stone like finish.


Antoinette Badenhorst i'm in love with this glaze.


Anne Goldman - Ceramicist Anne Goldman is inspired by the surfaces of rocks in…

David Bellar. Nice movement and bold use of form and line within the work- seems clean but whimsical. Don't love the colors but I do like the dripping of the glaze


I would love to make a set of dishes like this. They would be really pretty in a darker salmon color, or in raiku style natural glazes.