Gentlemen:  #Gentlemen's style ~ "Real men still do this."

Yes, and my handsome boyfriend sure does open and closes my door, and also opens the doors at restaurants as well alles für Ihren Stil - www.

Very true, but does that make me an old soul or a gentleman?

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Chivalry is not Dead

Medieval Code of Chivlary; The Code of Chivalry; The Code of Chivalry Rules, Code of Chivalry Oaths. Code of Chivalry Images, History, Facts & Information

Chilvary is not dead.

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I agree with what is being said here but I honestly don't believe Frank Sinatra was a good example when it comes to actually respecting women.

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Ravi Zacharias - "Chivalry in love has nothing to do with the sweetness of the appearance. It has everything...". relationships, marriage, christianity

Douglas Adams - "There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the Universe.

Chivalry: The man who expects more from himself than the world expects from men. Is #Chivalry

Being Caballero: Chivalry - Being Caballero defines the contemporary gentleman…