Champagne region in France - Harvesting

Champagne region in France - Harvesting. Fun fact: legit-named Champagne only comes from this region. Any other types of "champagne" from another area/country have to be renamed before hitting the market.

Reims, France 2011. This church is over 800 years old, and it's massive and hauntingly beautiful.

Reims, France This church is over 800 years old, @ this Church people experience memories and commitments are made.

Wine Regions of France

Lyon, France - Visit local wineries outside of the city and taste what French wine is all about!

Mumm Cordon Rouge Brut | Dan Murphy's | Buy Wine, Champagne, Beer & Spirits Online

Mumm Cordon Rouge-The house signature cuvee: it perpetuates a hallmark style of subtly balanced freshness and intensity

Hacia 1915. Un convoy de tropas alemanas atraviesa un campo en Champagne, Francia. Tras el estallido de la guerra, 11.000 soldados aliados se apresuraron a reforzar las filas francesas a orillas del Marne. Durante la noche 600 taxis sirvieron de enlace entre París y el Marne, transportando al ejército aliado al frente. Aunque París se libró de ser ocupada, más de 10 distritos franceses fueron invadidos por Alemania, incluyendo algunas de las áreas industriales más ricas.

1918 - German Soldiers Advancing Past a Captured French Position near Loivre and Brimont