Chalkboard wine bottles LOVE THIS for maybe the cake table??

Paint your wine bottles with chalkboard paint to write your own messages on them! For an added touch, tie twine around the bottles as well - they look lovely on a bookshelf or clustered together as a centerpiece.

Wine bottle crafts projects are truly unique, often materialized by DIY Enthusiasts around the world to save the planet just a little bit of energy and time.

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Painted Bottles - I'll paint a bottle of Jack and have everyone at the party write something.

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chalkboard wine bottles DIY Totally love this Idea! You could use this for table decorating at a wedding or a bridal shower, write messages on the bottles to the bride & groom

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How to oven cure painted glasses! I hope this works b/c I have been painting glasses for awhile and can never make the paint wash proof Liu Carvajal make your own painted wine glasses