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I had heard of the term "shark week" before this, however, this gives a more humorous connection than I had previously gleaned/guessed at, as the source. Shark-Week it is?

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Was reminded of this pin as I was waiting to have biopsy on my uterus. Fun times! Woo hoo!!

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Community Post: Periods Will Now Be Called Shark Week

A shark's brain looks the same as the female reproductive system. My period will now be called shark week.

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pms humor

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I thought my students were joking... apparently PMS is called Shark Week in middle school. All makes sense now!

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Baby Shark Song ~ great brain break and (silly) fun for rainy day recess or indoor PE {Use with caution ... :) }

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From now on my period will be known as "shark week"

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Rhiannon's Shark Week!! So appropriate! LOL

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Consider Yourself Warned

Well, pms anyway. It's already known as the week where sarcasm will be taken seriously, so speak carefully.

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Shark brain vs female reproductive system

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