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ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ, cerigg: some husbands for you

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cookingwithray: finethingsfindings: Ceri Amphlett

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art by cerigg on tumblr

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Mercy by Ceri Giddens (@cerigg)

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Whalevolution Month #28 – Odobenocetops Living off the coast of Peru and Chile, 5-3 million years ago, Odobenocetops is perhaps one of the strangest-looking fossils cetaceans ever discovered. Related to both the porpoises and the narwhal-beluga family, it was around 2.1m long (6′10″), and its long tusks and broad-snouted face gave it an appearance strikingly similar to the modern walrus. Much like the walrus, it was probably a bottom-feeder which sucked molluscs out of their shells with…

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Ceramic Wall Pocket Vase - Ceri white Studios

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All the Amphibian August images collected together! …Plus a bonus Platyhystrix…

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Whalevolution Month #11 – Basilosaurus Known from the United States, Egypt, and Jordan, 40-34 million years ago, the first discovered fossils of Basilosaurus in the 1830s were originally mistaken for a reptile, hence its misleading “-saurus” name. Measuring up to 20m long (65′7″), it was fully aquatic and recognizably whale-shaped, with vestigial hind limbs and a very long eel-like body.

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Tracer by Ceri Giddens (@cerigg)

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