Ceramic Seal by Hippopottermiss on deviantART

Hand modelled ceramic seal fired twice to If you like my work maybe you’d like to visit my website gallery [link] My ceramic animals are o.

Sleeping rabbit, sweet sculpture. Size 7cm(2.7inch) wide,6cm (2.3inch)high,12cm (4.7inch)deep,around 200g.  Inside is hollow. White stoneware casted

PRE-ORDER Ceramics and Pottery sculpture / Slepping rabbit / ceramic animal sculpture (white)



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Handmade ceramic wares and jewelry. Handmade and unique creations, ranging from decorative to functional items.

Candy Coloured Chickens by Hippopottermiss on deviantART

Three hand-modelled hens in stoneware clay, decorated with coloured slips and fired to Candy Coloured Chickens

Ceramic Animal Wall Vases - Quirky Bits - Home Decoration - Home Accessories

POSS OPENER PIC ceramic animal wall vases Graham and Green (this is low res - high res is available if needed)

Ceramic dragon oil lamp by HomeyCreatures on Etsy

oil lamp - This endearing oil lamp would make for an excellent decoration for outdoor events and parties. The oil lamp is made and sold by the Hungary-based.

Porcelain Animal Bottle Stoppers - by Little Birdy. Miniature ceramic animals to keep your win fresh.

Say hello to this sweet little unique Porcelain Chaffinch Bottle stopper. Hand sculpted with great care using a scalpel, once it's dried out it goes off for its first firing, then it gets glazed and then fired again and lastly painted using porcelain p.

I Make These Magical Ceramic Animals

I Make These Magical Ceramic Animals

Stelter Sculpture - Animals

Contemporary Fine Art Gallery just outside of Madison, WI Representing over 100 artists, Abel Contemporary seeks to bring Wisconsin into the national artistic conversation.