I know how she feels. Death of a child/loved one. Knowing they are never coming back. Devastating grief and despair www.adealwithGodbook.com

Pleurant │ Pleurez means 'to weep' in French. A pleurant symbolizes solitude, spirituality, introspection, and sorrow.

Pere Lachaise Cemetery, Paris. This cemetery is amazing- it seems to go for miles.

Scene at Pere Lachaise Cemetary. Not sure if it is a statue or a tomb, but the lady looks real.just cleaning the tomb. So beautiful!

Albany Rural Cemetery - a good guide to common cemetery symbols. I will never look at graves the same..... :'(

Albany Rural Cemetery - a good guide to common cemetery symbols and what certain symbols on graves mean. I will never look at graves the same.

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Minster Church, near Boscastle in North Cornwall. I have been here many times, beautiful setting and lovely church.

<3هناك وما ا ادرانا ماهناك  حيث السكينة  و الهدوء  - - -  ربما  - - غنوا  للحياه  واستمتوا بها - وليترك بها وفيها  كل منا  بصمته ليتذكره من يأتى من خلفه  - - - ا

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I always thought this was just called "weird." Now I can tell people, "I'm a taphophile."

taphophilia (n.) passion and enjoyment for cemeteries. Often practices involve graveyard photography and/or art, epitaphs, interests in (famous) deaths, gravestone rubbing.