This is on The Elders new Celtic cloak given to him from the Celtic people for his bravery and is highly modified for any situation, hazardous or not.

Infinite Love - Celtic Knot work in Alder Wood Hair Pin, Two Pronged Handmade Hair Stick, Handcarved, Eco-friendly hair accessories

I had to research Celtic Knots for my day job and so I whipped up this tutorial for you guys summarizing the information in one sitting which is why it . How to Draw Basic Celtic Knots

In my calendar, Documented Life Journal, I am including keys I find or receive. Keys are the symbol of 2014 for me. They open things. My mind is opening up to Celtic knots.

Celtic knots are a variety graphical representations of interlacing knots used for decoration . These kinds of knot patterns first app.

This piece was made using the Celtic Knot for the bail and design on the front. This just hows the versatility of this technique of making knots in wire. Here's the tutorial: