Ancient Inca Stone Staircase

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Tennessee:Ruby Falls - Chattanooga, TN Third Vacation spot for the month long birthday celebration.gotta go and visit Grandpa.the leap with my lover!

Glow Worm Caves In New Zealand

The eerie blue glow reflected in the water of the Waitomo Glowworm Caves in New Zealand is actually caused by tiny glowing insects on the ceiling.

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The 25 Most Beautiful Places in the World

Marble Caves, Chile Paddle through Lake General Carrera on the Chile-Argentina border and you'll stumble upon some otherworldly treasures. Millenniums of lapping waves carved calcium carbonate into the swirling caverns known as the Cuevas de Mármol.

6 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Vietnam

Son Hang Doong, the World's Largest Cave, National Park Phong Nha Ke Bang, Vietnam. Photography by Ryan Deboodt, via

This one seemed like an interesting fit for the figure and ground concept in terms of colors. The reds draw attention to the figure in the center, whereas the greys and blues act as the negative space of the image.

Woodville, Alabama — by Brad Mitchell

Stephen's Gap Cave--Woodville, Alabama "many things in life we have to look underneath the skin to discover it's true beauty.

Lake Superior Ice Caves on Grand Island, just off the shore in Munising, Michigan. A short walk from Sand Point Beach across frozen Lake Superior will leave you at the base of ice curtains more than 30 feet tall and stretching hundreds of feet wide.

The Kalaloch Tree Cave in Olympic National Park just won't quit!

Khao Luang cave temple, Phetchaburi, Thailand Almost mythical path. Travel+Leisure has one incredible gallery of this incredible place, by photographer Craig Ferguson

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