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Clydesdale Colt's

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I'm sure all figure out how to control myself, I didn't mean what I done, and I feel bad about it.... I promised you my sweet dear spitfire that I would never hurt you again, and I did... I didn't mean it.. I want to continue to raise our family.. I want to be YOUR mate for life.. please take my apology... please I'm begging you

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(91) Equine Photography by Katarzyna Okrzesik-Mikołajek - Photos

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*A Clydesdale selfie

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Dapple Grey More

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Levitating? Hughie belongs to Domaine de Coudot in France. He's also half-had the name of Pegasus when he was for sale in the USA. Seems appropriate to this photograph where he seems to be hovering, if not flying. This shot belongs to Domaine de Coudot.

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Power More

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.Harness draft carriage horse equine Clydesdale Percheron Shire Hafflinger Gypsy Vanner Cob beautiful and pure

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Clydesdale horse

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