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China diagnosed 104,000 new HIV/AIDs cases in 2014: report

China diagnosed 104,000 new cases of HIV/AIDS in 2014, media reported Friday, highlighting growth in infections in the country despite a comparatively low overall rate.

While the prevalence of HIV and AIDS is still low in the Philippines, the country’s HIV & AIDS registry for 2013 reveals a 79% increase in newly reported HIV cases, compared to the same period in 2012.


Prevalent throughout the country parishes of south Louisiana between 1890 and 1920, Creole Gourmet Societies sprang from a French tradition. In many cases, the members or their parents settled in Louisiana directly from France. They ignored any connection to Nova Scotia and the 1755 Le Grand Derangement, dismissing the word ‘Cajun’ as an insult and the Cajuns themselves as ignorant and low-class.


Japan's Population Declined In 2014 As Births Fell To A New Low

"Japan's Population Declined In 2014 As Births Fell To A New Low" (NPR) "The country's aging and shrinking population have been issues of concern and could have severe economic consequences."


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Cancer Rates Decline In High-Income Countries, But Rise In Low-Income Countries

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Dal Recipes – One of the popular pulses commonly prepared in every house of South Asian countries. Dal can also be spelled in many ways like the “Dahl”, “Daal”, “Dhal”,


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