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August 2, 1914: Russia declares the war on Germany. The Imperial Family comes out from the Winter Palace on the waterfront in the direction of the yacht “Standart”, after reading the manifesto by lovelyotma from Instagram


Sons of Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna of Russia and her second husband Nikolai Alexandrovitch Kulikovsky - See this image on Photobucket.


Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and three of his daughters,the Grand Duchesses Maria,Olga and Tatiana Nikolaevna Romanova of Russia in c.a. 1911. "AL"


1922 - Prince Nikita Alexandrovich Romanov, nephew of Tsar Nicholas II & Countess Maria Vorontzova-Dashkova on their wedding day. They had 2 children // Nikita Alexandrovich of Russ. (13 Jan 1900 – 12 Sep 1974) ~ Son of Gr. Duke Alexander Mikhailovich/Gr. Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna, sis. of Nicholas II | Born in Imperial Russia during the reign of his uncle, Prince Nikita escaped the fate of many of his relatives who were killed by the Bolsheviks. He left Russ. in Apr 1919, at 19.


HQ photo of Grand Duchesses Maria and Anastasia of Russia taken in 1906 from, group : House of Romanov


Os Romanov e da Casa de Windsor vida útil da Rainha Victoria: tempo de vida de 1819-1901 Prince Albert: 1840-1861 Filhos: Edward VII | Victoria, princesa real, a princesa Alice do Reino Unido | Princesa Beatriz de Reino Unido | Alfred, Duque de Saxe-Coburg Gotha & | Princesa Helena | Princesa Louise, Duquesa de Argyll | Príncipe Arthur, duque de Connaught | Leopoldo, Duque de Albany


Ceremonial Court Costumes of Grand Duchess Tatiana Nicholaievna & Grand Duchess Olga Nicholaievna c. 1913


Michael I (1596 - 1645). Tsar of All Russia from 1613 until his death in 1645. He married twice and had ten children. He was the first Tsar from the House of Romanov. His reign marked the end of the time of troubles.