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Adorable Basenji. How could you say no to those eyes?

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A small limestone Basenji sculpture, dating 1080 to 332 BC, Pergamon Museum in Berlin, with a modern day Basenji

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Buana, my basenji

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Basenji {Mick Dingo Leaper of Abington} Photographed by Valerie McNichols, IOBette #Basenji

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Benji our 22 weeks old Basenji ♡

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Shenzi: The gorgeous by GhostSparrow on DeviantArt

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Ono and Dude Photos, Basenji dogs Basenjis come in a few different colorations: red, black, tricolor, and brindle, and they all have white chests and stomachs. They can also come in trindle, which is a tricolor with brindle points, a rare combination.

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Nice arrangement; I deserve a shelf for myself.

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"You talking to me?" by on @DeviantArt

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