The inspiration for my hero, Jesse Claybourne -- aka Cam Gigandet

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Be it an evil vampire or a love struck bowler hatted bar tender you are so nice to look at Sir!

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Cam Gigandet, one of the reasons why burlesque is my favvorite movie!!

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Cam Gigandet- he's so beautiful, i hope the show Reckless takes off so he stays in Charleston :)

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Cam Gigandet/ Casey Cross …

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Hottest Male Actors Right Now

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Cam Gigandet, who ever doesn't find him attractive has no taste in guys what's so ever ! He's gorgeous !

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cam gigandet. marry me.

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Cam Gigandet, Jack in Burlesque (cause so far he's the only likeable character I have seen)

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Cam Gigandet (I like this guy alot too!)

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