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"He says he can hear the forest whisper, but I can only hear his big heart."

FireFox (remake)) | fox


frittatine al forno con verdure ("Il segreto per avere delle frittatine al forno belle soffici e gustose è sbattere poco il composto di uova ed aggiungere #yogurt greco, maizena e poco olio, grazie all’aggiunta di questi 3 ingredienti nascono delle frittatine deliziose e morbide a prova di pasticciona!!!") #egg #cornstarch


North American black bears are known to communicate using a keen sense of smell, body and facial expressions, sound and touch. Wounder what he is thinking??

Meet the Bear family ~ you look cute and cuddly but I know you would eat my face off in a heart beat!

Let's all work together and try to get a control of global warming, the polar bear is losing it's natural habitat and is close to extinction because of the doings of humans.


Great Bear Spirit, Show me how to sink deep within myself to find answers. Teach me to understand that I possess all the resources necessary to survive and to know when to seek solitude and when to emerge and nurture all that was born in darkness. Guide me towards sweetness, play, wisdom and truth. Remind me to climb higher. Guide me towards strength, Keeper of Medicine, that I might defend those I love, move with speed to where I need to be, and stand nobly for what I believe.


Maxwell's Midnight Snack Art Print

Caught in the act; we've all been there... #midnight #snacking

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