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Casagiove, riparata la buca aperta in via Nazionale Appia a cura di Redazione -

What Preppers haven't Prepped for - the big gaping hole -

da Gizmodo

Best Halloween Costume Ever: Use Two iPads to Create an Awesome Gaping Hole in Your Gut

Quite possibly the most brilliant Halloween costume ever. EVER!!! Use 2 iPads to create the illusion of a big hole in your stomach (think of the movie, Death Becomes Her....)


A few months ago when I got the call that Woman’s Day wanted to send a photographer to photograph me and my garage, I kind of freaked a little. I mean, it was my garage, the least attractive room in our house! Part of the unattractiveness stemmed from my workbench with a huge gaping hole …

This Free tutorial will show you how to begin your double crochet project without leaving a gaping hole at the beginning of the of the row!

da The Craftsy Blog

Decrease Crochet Tutorials: Single, Half-Double & Double Crochet

Decreasing the total stitches in any row can sometimes leave your work with gaping holes. But that won't be the case if you follow these smart tutorials for decreasing any stitch!


I know how it feels. to be completely and utterly lost. searching desperately for something, someone to fill the gaping hole in your heart. I've been there. the nights when you silent cry into your pillow all night long-the waves of sadness rushing over you relentlessly. I want you to know this: I've been there. what you see on my Instagram is a portrayal of grace and grace alone. If Jesus wouldn't have come and scooped me out of the hole I found myself in, there's no doubt I'd be there even…