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summertime sadness // lana del rey This is how I feel for you though, our angel Shannon May, I love you

We should be going on holiday, days out, picnics, but instead I'm here alone, wishing you were here with me and trying to make sense of what happened still. I miss you.

Exactly why I married my best friend. ♥ I love you baby. Too sweet. :)

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Happy Birthday Big and Little Brother Quotes from Sisters and from Brothers. I love my best brother quotes with images that are funny and from the heart.

This is so my kids all 3 but ecspecially Ash, she has always protected her brother and sister...

Haha this sounds about right speaking on behalf someone who is an older and younger sibling. but i also do this to my older sister :)

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and more than half of the ones that are 'blood' sure as hell aren't my family. not loyal, not loving. and definitely not caring, so they are not my family. i have more friends that are closer to being my family than my relatives are.

Not sure if this is a real quote from Brigham Young, but I like it anyways.

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Amen "If you have a bad thought about yourself, tell it to go to hell because that is exactly where it came from" ~ Brigham Young # Inspirational

I truly hope so. That's what I aimed for. The argument is so stupid and has wrecked the family. Please be friends x More

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A Mother's prayer is that her children will love each other long after she is gone. So grateful this prayer is being answered even now.