Broccoli Florets + Garlic Hummus = Creamy Garlic Broccoli -- Cook the broccoli however you’d like: roast it, steam it, sauté it. Then toss in the garlic hummus. More variations and ideas...

Easy Broccoli Side Dish

Chicken breast recipes with pasta
This is my new favorite thing to eat at least once a week: sautéed broccoli and any flavor hummus.

Easy Broccoli Side Dish

Creamy Broccoli Casserole (Gratin / Bake) - made from scratch without a drop of cream!

Parmesan Garlic Broccoli Gratin

Creamy and Delicious! Done in about 30 minutes - Perfect weekday meal - my family cannot wait till I make it again - Must Make Recipe - Easy Recipe Alert  - Creamy Garlic Pasta Recipe

Creamy Garlic Pasta

Roasted Shrimp and Broccoli in a velvety, creamy Garlic Parmesan Mozzarella Alfredo Sauce

30 Minute Roasted Shrimp and Broccoli Fettuccine Alfredo (Lightened up!)

Creamy Garlic Broccoli (Only 2 Ingredients!)

Creamy Garlic Broccoli

Skillet Creamy Garlic Chicken and Broccoli everyone will love! | @bestrecipebox

Skillet Creamy Garlic Chicken with Broccoli

Two-ingredient Creamy Garlic Broccoli

Easy Broccoli Side Dish

Easy, Creamy, Garlicky, Chicken and Broccoli Pasta Recipe